Certificate of Excellence 2014



Did you know that wake-up calls can be really inspiring?

No, not that mundane auto-set mobile alarm tone of yours. It’s practically revolting and puts you in machine-mode. What we are referring is much more serene and peaceful that your body couldn’t possibly endure. Ever had the opportunity to open your bedroom windows at the first light and just lose yourself by witnessing the most incredible view? To just mute all the miffs and huffs, to live in that specific moment. What a better way to kick start your day, isn’t it? The famous Malabar whistling thrushes, the velvety breeze that tickles the contours of your face by saying, “Come, fall in love with me”. Isolate yourself from buildings and tune out those traffic horns and just listen.

Hear it? It’s called silence.

We are in the business of providing that exquisite product which lets you get in touch with your inner self; serenity. Of all the places we picked Munnar as the home for GLENMORE. Located at the centre of a gorgeous tea plantation makes it convenient to unwind and release tension from your pressure points. Munnar has this scintillating effect on its inhabitants that basically lets them to be with themselves. The locavores of this paradise offer their effort to produce the finest of organic foods that you can indulge in. You can’t get enough of the radical drone shots over the dreamboat that is Munnar. There is no better feeling than to stand at the peak of a cliff and see your life flashback like an old movie and feeling this is where I should be.

Come settle in our hearts and soak in the Munnar goodness. Because you deserve better.


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